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Webinar Details

Join us on this webinar where you’ll receive an interactive live demo of ZAPI, which is now available in the cloud! With this powerful add-on to Zephyr for JIRA, you will be able to hook your automation to JIRA in the cloud.

Attend this webinar to get an overview of how the combination of Zephyr for JIRA and ZAPI creates endless testing possibilities for project teams, giving users enhanced abilities to execute tests in a free form way and leverage the REST APIs to unify testing data across multiple systems.

Key Takeaways

  1. Integrate Automation

    See how ZAPI allows you to hook your automation to Zephyr for JIRA.

  2. RESTful APIs

    Learn about how ZAPI allows access to Zephyr for JIRA read-write testing related data via REST APIs.

  3. Execute Zephyr Query Language (ZQL) Searches

    Watch how to create ZQL based saved search filters in Zephyr for JIRA.

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