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Webinar Details

Join us on this one hour interactive webinar and learn everything from planning test executions (manual and automated) to integrating defect tracking systems and automation frameworks in Zephyr Enterprise.

Zephyr Enterprise has helped companies such as Tesla, Fujitsu, Hyundai and many more, release higher quality software, faster. As well as provide real time metrics and reports to key business personal (business team, executive management, developement, etc..).

Key Takeaways

  1. Adding Resources

    Learn how to manage resources such as requirements and test executions to streamline your QA activities.

  2. Organizing Test Cases

    View how to create, assign and schedule test cases, as well as adding test steps and creating custom fields.

  3. Tracking Metrics

    See how to log and track defects, as well as how to choose specific metrics to display in your dashboards.

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